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Sundance Spas 980 series

Sundance Spas 980 series overview

Founded upon the favourite features of Sundance® Spas, the 980™ Series has been developed to revolutionise hot tub design and change the way you relax and use your spa. The crisp, rhythmic, geometric texture of the cabinet highlights a new approach to hot tub design whilst corner illumination delivers a combination of classic and modern appearance.

The 980™ Series is about more than just the aesthetics, Patented Fluidix® Jets deliver an advanced hydrotherapy program incorporating the widest back and most comprehensive leg coverage seen in a Sundance® Spas hot tub. The 980™ Series also boasts spacious seats allowing you to sit back, relax and enjoy a hydromassage in comfort.


Sundance Spas 980 series

Standard Features Included in the Sundance Spas 980 Series

  • Up to 10 patented Fluidix® jet varieties
  • Clearray Active Oxygen Systems™ UV disinfection system
  • SunGlow ™ multicolored LED lighting
  • SmartTub™ System
  • Stainless steel jet trim
  • SunScents ™ aromatherapy
  • Specialty Silent Air® injector jets
  • TheraMax massage pumps
  • Dynamic Flow circulation pump
  • Smart ™ heater
  • Integrated MicroClean® Ultra filter system
  • Extra wide AquaTerrace ™ waterfall
  • Full foam insulation including plastic backing
  • SunStrong ™ Extreme Insulation Cover

Sundance Superior 980 series Hot Tubs

Sundance Spas Kingston 980 Hot Tub


Price with VAT 21%: 28 990 euro
Size: 234 x 254 x 86
Seats: 6+

Water jets: 57
Air jets: 12
Massage varieties: 8

Sundance Spas Claremont 980 Hot Tub


Price with VAT 21%: 28 990 euro
Size: 234 x 254 x 86
Seats: 5+
Water jets: 59
Air jets: 6

Massage varieties: 10