A patented hydrotherapy system based on countless innovations

Sundance® Spas brand story

For 45 years, Sundance® Spas have been synonymous with relaxation, renewal, and healthy living.

We're dedicated to advancing technology to create energy-efficient, eco-friendly spas. Our Fluidix™ Jet Technology, CLEARRAY® Active Oxygen™ Water Management System, and Integrated BLUEWAVE® spa stereo exemplify our commitment to innovation.

At Sundance® Spas, we believe everyone deserves luxury and relaxation at home. Our hot tubs provide a peaceful retreat, promoting unwinding, relaxation, and rejuvenation.

With exceptional customer service, expert advice, and robust warranties, we ensure our customers receive the best. Choose Sundance Spas for a lasting investment in quality relaxation.

A history of innovation - created with you in mind

  • Almost every feature you find in spa tubs today was originally introduced or improved by Sundance® Spas.
  • Every element is designed just for you with quality and reliability in mind.
  • Over 40 years of excellence and over 40 innovative spa bath innovations:
  • Accu-ssage™ therapy seat;
  • Patented Fluidix® jet system - customized massage experience in the action of each jet;
  • SlipStream™ filtration system;
  • MicroClean® filtration system.


  • When you purchase a Sundance® spa tub, you become a Sundance® spa customer for life.
  • Our relationships with our clients are built on trust and excellence, allowing us to build on our well-earned reputation.
  • The Sundance® Optima® spa tub was launched in 1992 and has been our best-selling tub in the world since 1997.
  • Customers choose Sundance® spas time and time again for their performance and reliability.
  • The Sundance® Family of Spas
  • Carefully selected independent retailers boasting years of experience and our support.
  • Over 400 retailers serving their local communities in over 75 countries.
  • The Good Cause Spas™ charitable movement allows us to support our veterans and other community initiatives.

Sundance Spas family

  • Partnering with carefully selected independent retailers backed by years of experience and our unwavering support. 
  • With over 400 retailers serving communities in over 75 countries, our network ensures accessibility and personalized service. 
  • Through the Good Cause Spas™ charitable movement, we proudly support veterans and other community initiatives, making a positive impact beyond spa ownership.

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