Sundance Spas make clean water easily accessible

Dynamic Flow™ circulation pump - the most energy efficient pump in the industry

  • The Dynamic Flow™ circulation pump moves up to 5.3 times more water per minute through the system than a small displacement pump
  • The operating speed is 132 liters per minute
  • It filters the water of an average-sized 1324 liter spa bath in just 16 minutes
  • The entire volume of water is filtered nearly 8 times in 2 hours, compared to the 12 hours required by industry standard pumps
  • This allows the water to be purified quickly and efficiently, so the pump needs to run for less time to filter the same amount of water as competing pumps
  • Although it can be programmed to run up to 24 hours a day, the default filtration cycle is 8 hours and allows you to pump a standard 1,324 liter spa bath water more than 30 times, compared to a low-flow circulator that only pumps about 18,5 times that volume in 24 hours

SlipStream™ dam

  • 58 cm dam - almost twice as wide as industry standard* filtration systems, breaking the surface tension of the water and allowing more dirt to be trapped in the filter* Compared to Sundance 680™ Series Filtration
  • It floats on the surface of the water, effectively filtering dirt, reducing build-up along the waterline and performing the main filtration action right where it's needed most in your bath





SunPurity™ minerals

  • The active ingredient silver naturally purifies water by destroying pathogens.
  • An easy-to-use solution that releases minerals into the water - this is how water is naturally purified


You will be able to spend more time enjoying your spa bath

MicroClean® filtration system - patented horizontal filtration

  • The horizontal arrangement allows easy access when needed and uses the entire filter instead of just the bottom 20% for better filtration performance, allowing more of the filter to be in contact with the water
  • Our circulation pump has two filters that work together to eliminate even the smallest dirt particles in the hot tub
  • The pleated depth filter cleans the water even when the nozzles are not working
  • MicroClean® and MicroClean® Ultra filters capture the smallest debris, even at a microscopic size
  • Particles as small as 3-5 microns are filtered, but our eyes can only see particles 50-60 microns in size
  • The water first passes through the specialized MicroClean® filtration system, then it flows through the pump, the heater and finally the Clearray Active Oxygen Systems™ light

Clearray Active Oxygen Systems™ technology - for water purification

  • UV-C light technology is a natural, safe and effective way to purify water
  • It is used in various industries such as water purification for bottling, cleaning medical supplies, hospitals, aquariums and more
  • Eliminates 99.9% of water pathogens
  • No harmful odors or by-products
  • The amount of chemical disinfectants is reduced by up to 50%
  • Lab tested, see local water chemistry regulations


Introducing a natural, safe and effective way to keep water clean. Clearray Active Oxygen Systems™ keep your spa fresh, clear and luxurious.

Have you ever been to a spa with the wrong chemical balance? It may not have been a pleasant experience. Now there is a way to enjoy your hot tub with almost no chemicals at all. It was designed to keep your spa cleaner than ever without overuse of chemicals. Using just oxygen and light, this system is as simple as the O3+UV-C= CLEARRAY OXYGEN active oxygen system. The Clearray Active Oxygen System™ is available on all acrylic Sundance spa hot tubs.


Our ozone system pumps O3 into the water where our water treatment system balances the mixing of O3 to ensure oxidation of pollutants. This oxidation process produces hydroxyl radicals and is extremely effective in combating organic pollutants.


Now ozonated water passes UV-C light and 99.9% of water contaminating bacteria and viruses are destroyed. This is done with the radiation emitted by the light, which stops pathogens while not affecting humans.

Active oxygen

It is the combination of these two tools that creates the perfect environment and reduces the need for chlorine. Enhanced oxidation occurs through this interaction of ozone and UV-C light, releasing active oxygen, purifying water and reducing dependence on chlorine and other chemicals.


This system saves you time, reduces the chance of skin irritants without harmful bio-products or contaminants, and gives you peace of mind knowing that active oxygen will keep your spa water cleaner for longer. You don't have to be a chemist to enjoy the comfort and relaxation this system provides.


Take preventative measures to better enjoy your spa with a natural system that best allows you to relax mentally and physically.

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