Quality you can count on for peace of mind throughout the life of your bath

Technologies and materials proven for decades

The products are designed and manufactured to provide luxury, efficiency and long life.

Synthetic base

  • Provides a base resistant to natural conditions, moisture and weather
  • The first layer of insulation
  • 3-layer Rigid Bond™ shell construction: acrylic, binder, durability
  • Superior durability and unsurpassed thermal integrity throughout the life of the spa bath
  • Resistant to heat and cold - patented fiberglass resin maximizes heat retention and reduces energy consumption.

Energy efficient heating capacity

Full foam insulation - saving energy starts from the inside

  • Polyurethane foam insulation completely surrounds the shell and fills the body
  • Helps reduce water heating costs, as it optimally and efficiently retains heat
  • Absorbs device noise for quieter operation
  • Encloses plumbing elements, providing additional support and greater reliability compared to other methods


Quality you can count on for peace of mind throughout the life of your bath

Sundance Hot Tub Comfortable and durable cover

Comfortable and durable cover

  • Lockable, sealed cover helps maintain water temperature, improving safety and energy efficiency
  • Complete with a moisture-proof seal, it has an insulated baffle in the center and has a sturdy frame
  • The cast body forms a vacuum seal with a cover
  • A thick foam core that tapers towards the edges to promote drainage
  • The optional SunStrong® coating is fade and stain resistant
  • 25% lighter material than our standard vinyl wrap
  • Choose the new SunStrong® Extreme, made with denser foam and thinner edges for improved water drainage

Sundance Hot Tub toll free cabinetry

Cabinetry - well made and processed


  • Fade-resistant, fade-resistant and maintenance-free
  • Resistant to heat and cold
  • Tool-free cabinetry
  • Provides easy access to the equipment area


  • Precisely engineered for 100% efficiency. Available on all 880™ and 980™ models, the heater features a titanium heating element that resists corrosion for longer life
  • The 1.5m long heating element directly heats the water, significantly increasing the heating efficiency

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