A patented hydrotherapy system based on countless innovations

Sundance leads the way in revolutionizing the ultimate massage experience through innovation, with our hallmark being the Fluidix jet system

The synergy of heat, hydrotherapy, and our advanced massage technology aids in:


  • Alleviating stress, lower back pain, restless legs syndrome, leg cramps, and post-workout fatigue, while also offering relief for arthritis, insomnia, and fibromyalgia.
  • Heat therapy enhances blood flow by dilating blood vessels.
  • Water immersion creates a weightless sensation, alleviating pressure on joints and muscles.
  • Optimal massage techniques stimulate blood circulation and trigger the release of endorphins, expediting the body's natural healing process.
  • Muscle relaxation and nerve pressure relief, delivering comprehensive relief from head to toe.

History of hydrotherapy

Each Sundance® spa tub is designed to create a customized massage experience. Our patented Fluidix® system is so versatile that the jets allow us to tailor the massage to the specific area of the body. We move water in different ways. 

  • The system is created for a precise massage effect; 
  • Our jets allow you to control the massage during a hydrotherapy session; 
  • Each nozzle in the tub is positioned to maximize its efficiency.

Accu-Ssage™ therapy seat - professional quality massage

  • Ergonomic reclining seat for the whole body.
  • 14 Strategically placed Fluidix® jets targeting specific muscle points in the neck, shoulders and back.
  • Customize your massage experience with two independent air controls for upper and lower back jets and independent directional controls to increase or decrease pressure.

Patented Fluidix Jet technology

  • Created by experts - developed in collaboration with Bowles Fluidics, specialists in fluid dynamics specifically for Sundance® Spas;
  • The air flowing through the jet converts the wave-like oscillating motion into a focused stream;
  • Technology designed to move water without internal moving parts or bearings.

Dual modes

  • Each Fluidix® nozzle provides several types of massage; Oscillating motion or a concentrated stream of water.
  • Feel the difference: Each Fluidix® nozzle has a different role and is uniquely designed to simulate a specific massage action;
  • Fluidix® nozzles provide power, movement and massage unlike any other nozzle;
  • Personalized customization options thanks to different directions and speeds that ensure fluid movement regardless of intensity.

Each Fluidix nozzle provides several types of massage

Oscillating motion or a concentrated stream of water

A massage experience - created with you in mind

Nozzle type

  • 16 different nozzle styles available - all working in harmony using reflexology and acupressure to relieve stress and tension

Nozzle position

  • Each spa bath is designed to be complemented with a collection of perfectly suited seats to provide optimal massage comfort and relaxation for all your needs

Each Sundance spa bath offers a unique combination of massage jets

Deep tissue massage

  • Deep tissue massage is performed using a combination of swirl nozzles, Fluidix® nozzles, Intelli-Jet™ mixer nozzles, and Fluidix® ST™ nozzles
  • Reflexology principles combined with warm water for an energetic deep tissue massage. The sweeping motion of the water jets resembles strong hands deeply massaging the major muscle groups.

Pressure points

  • Shiatsu-style gentle massage is simulated by combining Accu Pressure™ nozzles, Focus Relief® nozzles and Pulsator™ nozzles
  • The nozzles stimulate the most important acupressure points of the body with the help of a targeted water jet, reducing strain and discomfort. Imagine a massage where your fingers apply consistent pressure to different pressure points

Muscle release:

  • Swedish-style massage simulates circular movements in the direction of back and forth and strong kneading sensations
  • Fluidix® Reflex™ nozzles and Fluidix® NEX™ nozzles deliver a powerful, focused massage to improve circulation and promote relaxation. Imagine massaging with your thumbs

Soft tissue massage:

  • A relaxing soft tissue massage is provided by our Silent Air® injectors
  • They introduce gentle, comforting air bubbles into the water that gently touch the skin while soothing your senses. The massage experience resembles the gentle touch of fingers all over the body

Wellness - Complete massage experience

SunScents™ Aromatherapy

  • Since 1986, we've been offering the gentle aromas of aromatherapy through our SunScents™ Air Induction System
  • The only aromatherapy system that does not affect water quality
  • Chromotherapy produces physical and mental benefits while improving mood

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